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Why William Ruto Is Not a Political Wizard His Supporters Believe He Is

William Ruto is not a political wizard as everyone had been made to believe, especially his die-hard supporters. Before his early campaigns started, I was of the opinion that our son would have a walkover in 2022. Along the way, he lost the plot when he allowed the likes of Kipchumba Murkomen, Moses Kuria, Kimani Ichung’wah, Ndindi Nyoro, Kago Wa Lydia, Oscar Sudi, Kimani Ngunjiri, Susan ****ka, Alice Wahome etc to start advising and campaigning for him.

By all means, these politicians minus their loud mouths are empty; green horns and blank! They pretends to be Ruto’s staunch supporters, yet they are his biggest liability. They have put the DP on war path with his boss, lying to him that they have imaginary numbers to sabotage the Presidents Agenda. If indeed Ruto was the brilliant politician, we thought he is, he would have handled these renegades before things falling apart.

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It’s now apparent he is swimming at the deep end, his soldiers are wounded and deprived. With perhaps the exception of Ichung’wah, the rest have zero chances of retaining their seats. May be we can even delve into a broader perspective; all these MP’s would rather Ruto loose the presidency in 2022 and they retain their respective seats in Parliament and Senate. No wonder they had started to create a new center of power around the DP.

It’s very unfortunate our son Ruto decided to surrounded himself with Food Soldiers instead of Foot Soldiers, that is how he has spectacularly failed in his bid. Besides, launching attacks directly to the president was a poorly thought out strategy especially on Social Media where Dennis Itumbi has commissioned thousands of bots to troll his boss. These are regrettable mistakes. When the president told MPs he has proper intelligence briefs, I believe it was not a threat to anyone, rather a confession that he doesn’t regret the purge he has been undertaking in Jubilee.

Rift Valley has no shortage of respectable elders who would have matched the intelligence of Murathe and his troupe. Our-elders would have handled this situation better than the political greenhorns surrounding the DP, he may have resources, online bots, but that alone will not make him president. Most often, the most popular candidate in succession politics ends up loosing. It has happened before and it will happen again.


  1. Let’s cut the chase..it was apparent the Jubilee Party was failing,having clearly lost the last General Elections.Ruto didn’t have the balls,in a democracy,to step down as the Deputy President in a government riddled with scandals.His own office so far has been riddled with scandals that compel him to resign as the Deputy President of Kenya.He’s never been the man.The Jubilee soldiers who have been axed thus far would have done this country justice by initiating a vote of no confidence in the Executive.They haven’t been loyal to the people who elected them to Parliament,no punishment would have been better than that coming from their own party.
    Nice read,although your article’s grammar demanding.Try using Grammarly or any other writing program.


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