Kisumu Governor, Peter Anyang Nyongo is a happy man! That he will comfortably win a second term as Governor is now a foregone conclusion. I write with an assured confidence, judging by the situation currently obtaining on the ground.
Almost everything is going according to plan for the good Governor. The challenges which remain are manageable and with meticulous timing, 2022 will be game short. Many positive factors are working in favour of his re-election but I want to dwell on only three. But Four would be a fair number!

Prof Is Working Silently. And The people Appreciate!
The campaign slogan remains Tich Tire and true to its maxim, real tangible work is ongoing. Proffessor Nyongo is out to remake and remodel Kisumu, a task so tough his own party leader likened it to a ripe boil. In Luo Oral Tradition, a ripe boil, an abscess of infected tissue, must be cut open and squezzed, a process which is horrendously painful to the afflicted.
Kisumu, a city of close to a million people sits on a prime beach-head and that it has been a jumbled mess cannot be overstated. It is also home to the most active political population south of Sahara and carrying out works of this magnitude requires courage and fortitude.

Inspection of ongoing modernisation works

Since its founding, more than a hundred years ago, no leader has had the courage to effect fundamental changes needed to redesign and make ready, for the 21st century and beyond, this city. But Proffessor Nyongo has proven that he has the stones to take this task head on.
It has been painful. Very painfull. And costly too. Businesess which had nestled themselves in the disorganization have had to go and the aftermath has left bitterness in the hearts of the affected. Business is very personal and hatred so created will always be poisonous.
Yet in the midst of this palpable bitterness, a sizable chunk of the population honestly acknowledge his efforts. They appreciate the courage he has put in the entire process. They see he did not chose the easy path, a path his predecessor had chosen. Prof. went hard and bold.  Kisumu must fit in the 21st century and compete with new peers. The flight, promised by Nyongo during the campagins must take off, and with eagles, kisumu will fly. We cannot go back to canoodling with the meek.

Raila’s Endorsement 

Raila Amolo Odinga flew in from Nairobi and gave Prof a thumbs up for the ongoing projects in the entire county. In Luo Nyanza, Baba’s endosrement is as good as bagging the prize. He commands a fanatical following in the region and abroad. In all the stops on his whirlwind tour of the town, he painstakingly explained the importance of falling behind Governor Nyongo and his projects, emphasising on the hidden potential behind this sleeping giant.
The Port of Mombasa will link up with that of Kisumu. There will be a Special Economic Zone capable of employing youth in their thousands. Raila explained that the hidden potential of the county could only be realized if the people supported the stoic leadership of governor Nyongo, a man he likened to doctor lansing a boil.

Strong Support From Strongholds

Nyongo has strong and solid support in his Seme backyard. They are expected to return their son to the office, voting for him to a man. When it comes to power and use of it, men tend to go tribal and even those who might be having issues with him now will still fall in line when the time comes.
He also has considerable support in kisumu Central in addition to large swathes of Kisumu West. Kisumu Central will always vote along the party lines and this is where established Party Machinery comes into play.
The Deputy will also bring a considerable chunk of votes from his Nyakach backyard, a constituency which will boast close to eighty thousand votes in 2022. Dr. Owili also enjoys support in Kisumu Central, Seme and Muhoroni. Muhoroni has a settler population and the numbers in play are good for the Nyongo-Owili ticket.

The diaspora voters are in town largely for business and as the business environment improves, as is expected in the next few months, they will likely throw their lot with the incumbent and his ticket.It is also noteworthy to state that Professor Nyongo and his Deputy have worked seemlessly together. Dr. Owilli has done his best to complement his boss, limiting himself to service delivery and leaving politics to the politicians.

The Opposition Is  In Disarray and Totally Lost

 Nyongo’s so called opponents are in total disarray. They cannot agree on a common challenger to meet the Governor at the ballot. Currently, they are busy fighting irrelevance instead of offering a coherent platform to beat the incumbent. Beating a serving leader is always almost impossible and it remains to be seen who will come out and raise a sufficient war-chest to be able to dislodge a leader of Nyongo’s stature.

The path to Nyongo’s second term is already beaten. All he has to do is finish his first term legacy projects and stroll back to office, his Deputy in tow.

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