A propaganda piece has been doing the rounds as regards Senator Outa’s ’22 lineup. I want to say without equivocating that the DG remains committed to standing with and supporting the agenda of Prof. Nyongo.
The ticket remains Nyongo/Owili and the returns are there for Nyakach and the entire County to see.
Hon Outa remains a worthy competitor and bandying his name left right and center is not fair, to say the least.
That Hon Outa is running for governor is not new. What’s surprising is that his erstwhile teammates are ready to dump him for new and vainly crafted alliances.
The Deputy Governor, Dr. Owili, will always concern himself with politics of human condition. He will never have time for petty rumour-mongering and rouble rousing.
Prof. Ojienda remains the DG’s brother and friend. He welcomes him into the political world, besides wishing him well.
But in Ojienda’s camp are a team of agitators, a group hell bent on starting political fires.
Their original lineup had Hon Outa as governor and Dr. Ojienda as Senator. It is almost comical that they have done a complete flip, dropping their patron for a new one.
Politics should be ethical. Politics has to be moral. But most importantly, politics must remain to be about the people, a group whose well being the DG is committed to uplifting.
The spirit of devolution of resources is nestled within the structures of County Governments. That is where the “cake ” is.
Our people must appreciate that we can only partake in the sharing of this cake while sitting at this table. The Senator’s seat will be a wonderful icing to the same cake, but the bottom line must remain, “Cake first

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