Politics Might Stand In Kisumu’s Way!

  • Bad Politics Might Stand In Kisumu’s Way

There’s one striking difference between the Nyongo government and the previous one – the speed with which the county is getting transformed!

But what good leadership has given, politics seems to be taking away. And sadly, it is getting violent, going by the events which happened recently in Kano.

Goons hired by politicians faced off leaving one dead on the spot. All the positive developments brought by the government of Prof. Nyongo will probably get lost in the political noise.

Political violence is not just picking pace in public. There are also manoeuvres to undercut colleagues in the jostling for post 2022 leadership posts.

Prof Nyongo and his deputy have worked peacefully and Dr. Owili honestly deserves plaudits for giving his boss the peace and space to deliver.

Kisumu is now known as a city of many firsts!
It is the first median city to host
Africities conference . This Pan African conference is held once every three years and on 26th April to 30th April, Kisumu will showcase to the world what we are capable of.

In deed Kisumu is equal to the task. The people are industrious and vibrant. This gathering will offer the entire world a chance to interact with our culture and even the Conference Centre being built will be a representation of one of our most important cultural artifacts, the calabash.

Kisumu will also be the first non capital city to hold a meeting of this nature. There will be
business opportunities for small scale traders upto conglomerates. The conference is going to bring the entire world and it will be moment for our county! And country.

It is a shame that negative politics and ego trips are now almost upending this working government. Violence does not bode well for tourism conferencing. Neither does backroom betrayals.

Africa expects a lot from Kisumu and as the saying goes, “To whom much is given, much is expected!”

Kisumu as a county will have to tone down drastically on the politics. We must also put Covid under control and work on improving our infrastructure to international standards. We are a proud people and that touch of finesse should be seen when hosting events of this nature.

Our county understandably has the so called “deep state”. They do their stuff, mostly political stuff and I want to specifically call on them to rise to the occasion. Their meetings must be about success of the county, going forward. They must not meet to bring new political players, people whose interests will only be rocking the steady boat. I need not belabour the fact that when a steady boat is rocked, drowning for all becomes a possibility.

The time for stability, moreso at the top level is now!  We don’t have to upset the apple cart. For sure, nobody needs to change that which is working. We honestly need to walk into 2022 with all the calmness we can muster. A lot is at stake for our people.

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