There lived a rich man in a village that was filled with thieves, he built walls around his compound, installed surveillance cameras and bought himself a good dog he believed could keep the thieves away, the thieves leant the dog and the bone were inseparable and acquired a large meat full of bones and used it to keep the dog busy as they looted man’s compound

Some years back in 1998. KANU and NDP merged and the then President Moi bequithed Raila Odinga the position of KANU Secretary General, additionally he was appointed cabinet minister in charge of Roads and Public works, Moi believed Raila could do it, that Kept him busy and preoccupied until it was too late and the only boat left to safety was Kibaki Tosha proclamation.

In the run up to 2012 general elections precisely around 2010, The then President Mwai Kibaki appointed then Prime Minister Raila Odinga chair and coordinator of Mau Forest preservation, the activity on this was a global spectacle yet it was locally a sensitive subject around the vote rich rift valley province and touched on the emotive land issues, Kibaki too believed Raila could do it, again Raila was kept busy while Uhuru gained political network and ground

Today, the Current president Uhuru Kenyatta has made it possible for Raila Odinga to be appointed Africa’s infrastructure ambassador, besides he has put Raila directly incharge of reform agenda christened Building Bridges initiative, as if that is not enough he has been given the mandate to sort the revenue sharing Formula that has precipitates devolved activities and caused political rifts, the Revenue issue is a case keen to the emotive Mau issue with marginalised regions who feel unfairly targeted. to this far Raila Odinga has been kept busy as Kenyans loose public funds

The fence that is our Judiciary has been thwarted and Maraga wept bitterly and helplessly. the surveillance cameras that is the EACC and DCI have been muffled and disarmed. the only dog Kenyans had hope in was the opposition NASA led by ODM Leader Raila Odinga, but he is being kept busy with the meat full of bones as Kenyan resources is looted by relathives.

Uhuru’s mediocrity now thrives and there’s no denying that he has set his eyes on two options, one of which is, if Raila Odinga delivers the BBI with an executive Prime minister he extends his stay in power, but if that fails to deliver then he takes power back to Gedion Moi who will keep it safe till his son Jomo becomes of age. those hopping Uhuru will endorse Raila will continue to wait like we waited Moi and Kibaki to endorse him.

Surprisingly, it’s only in Kenya where a president unreasonably ignores his deputy and choose to fighting his as primary agenda.

it’s only in Kenya where a President would fire a Professor of international Law from the position of Senate’s deputy Speaker and replace him with a professor of Soil science then Prof Kamar Soils everything in the senate to lead us to a stalemate threatening the life of devolved Governments.

It’s only in Kenya where the president fires a renown law lecturer with two LLMs as the Leader of Majority and replaces him with a PhD in Theology in the name of pleasing KANU, now the KANU pilot is mute in the Senate.

It’s only in Kenya where a president would fire a political scientist and Jurist Doctor then replaces her with Sleepy chest thumping Irungu Kang’ata. It all boils down to one thing, that Uhuru loves mediocrity and thrives in disorder. Nothing can justify his lack of critical thinking about some stuff done around his government.

Media news lately have been filled with news of “relathieves”, family corruptions, scandals, loss of billions of health and infrastructure money, sadly from a man who worked hard to convince Kenyans to re-elect him to deliver the big four agenda.

Uhuru asked Kenyans to give him five more years to accomplish four big agendas, it turns out they were wrongly spelt, majority are now asking
Was fighting William one of the big four agenda?

Was using relatives and close friends to loot public coffers second big agenda?, why hasn’t David Murathe talked about the 4b scandal?

Was stifling democracy and taking away gains Kenya achieved over years third big agenda?. Wanton arrests and harassment the the police under the instructions of political state agents?

Was retaining power around Mt Kenya the last big four agenda?. Grooming Peter Kenneth, Amos Kimunya, Jimmy wanjigi to blend Hesbon Moi.

We were told of Laptops for schools, water, road network, railway line, health infrastructure, the SGR concluded in family farm, the port land subdivided and issued to individuals in Government, and only 27km of roads delivered

How comes it’s only Uhuru who has done 27km of roads at 985 billion while Mwai Kibaki did 50km of roads at 185 billion?. Was the kickback inflated?

How comes Jack Ma’s billions of covid donations that disappeared from JKIA under the watchful eye of Kenyan Government has not been investigated by the DCI and EACC? Instead some relatives received some 4b to supply Covid-19 PPE with weeks old companies.

I opined Raila must have walked into some dark tunnel hopping it had light at the end, it turns out it may never have light and an end, he is now being kept busy fighting strange rats and sounds inside the tunnel oblivious of the schemes of the relathives

Time will ultimately vindicate some of us who denounced the handshake and claimed associating with Jubilee government might be a costly affair for the orange democratic movement.

As it presently stands, It’s Raila Odinga and not William Ruto who stands to be blamed for jubilee failures, Ruto will be staring from safety as Kenyans demand for answers from the former Pro democracy and change agent.

This notwithstanding the headache that comes with the shifting political tectonic plates of the Coastal, Western and the North Eastern regions that predominantly stood by Raila Odinga, Even the Maa community solid support base are not happy with the Raila Odinga and his brother Uhuru Kenyatta.

And so the likely hood of mass migration from Raila to Ruto ideology come 2022 may not necessarily be because they like him but just to spite the dynasty formations that have proven selfish and lacking the interest of Kenyans at heart

Conered to this far with economic hard times, corona and run away corruption, Kenyan populace might experience sentimental outburst like a dam that has broken it’s banks, such emotion can mislead even the most sober person yet politics is emotive and equally social. Ruto now sits on the drivers seat and the game is his to loose.

Raila Odinga is in a difficult situation, he can’t move backwards while moving forward is equally suicidal. He is placed before dangerous arrows

Uhuru is behaving like King David putting Uria in the battle front to be slayed so he can inherit his wife, Raila will only succeed if he becomes as cunning as the fox in his dealing with this Jubilee Government otherwise Uhuru is smiling in silence as Raila take medicine on his behalf.

William Ruto is a distant and not bothered anymore by Jubilee Concerts, he has his eyes on 2022, and so analysts are asking why ODM is taking paradols for Jubilee headaches? Why should Raila Odinga take the blame for the failures of Uhuru Kenyatta?, why was it Raila and not Uhuru to release a statement about revenue sharing Formula?

is it not surprising that Raila has strategically been made the central person in the county revenue mess?.
Instead of Uhuru Kenyatta speaking on the ongoing on revenue stalemate they send a neophyte in the name of Kangata to threaten ODM with semi conditionalities about BBI. When it was about Jubilee leadership Uhuru himself called the OG and chaired to remove Duale Kindiki and Murkomen.

Blinded by the BBI bone Raila already feels he needs the BBI like oxygen, For heaven sake BBI has done more good to Uhuru than Raila, if it passes Uhuru stands to gain more than Raila, why continue to kneel and beg a husband who mistreats you and your children while your parents are still alive?

What if Raila threatened to pull out and dared the corrupt with life in prison?. Sometimes when you write only the human beings like us will understand the cows will refuse to read and digest, so you give them the liberty to wait for their date with the slaughter house

Otherwise I remain your all time socio economic commentator and political analyst Omondi George Olumwa Kidikibudi



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