Moses Nandalwe, a young ODM politician from Sirisia constituency has announced that he is willing to pay John Waluke’s 727 million fine that he was slapped with by the anti-corruption court a fortnight ago.

The veteran Sirisia legislator alongside mother to former CS Jude Wakhungu were found guilty defrauding the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) 297 million and judge Elizabeth Juma went ahead to slap them with fines of 727 and 707 million respectively. Failure to raise the fine would see them spend the rest of their lives behind bars as they would be sentenced to 67 years behind bars.

Waluke through his lawyer Danstan Omari has since appealed the sentence at the appeal court and he will be praying that the matter is reviewed by the court and the sentence reviewed downwards by the judges as the fine is almost impossible to raise. The state has also threatened to seize his property should he fail to pay the fine.

As he awaits the fate of his appeal, a 33-year old politician from Sirisia says he can pay the fine. Nandalwe says he is willing to come to the aid of Waluke through his Nandalwe Foundation.

Moses Nandalwe

 “I have been asked repeatedly after Waluke’s conviction to put politics aside and help him. It should be known to all that I do not condone corruption. My desire is to help everyone and through my Nandwale Foundation I aid everyone who needs help, including Waluke,” he told West FM.

Nandalwe has previously worked as Francis Atwoli’s aide. He says he will be vying for the Sirisia parliamentary seat on an ODM ticket in 2022.


  1. Your analysis of the Kenyan politics seems to be tailored towards achieving public sympathy and getting too much unnecessary publicity for “Ruto”. Please try to give a balanced analysis of all events i.e. Including corruption issues, governance, Covid 19, cost of fuel, status of economy, visit counties and report on the various county development achievements and or corruption of all Governors.

    Please do NOT portray everything President Uhuru Kenyatta does in order to achieve his legacy and build an inclusive Kenya as a fight to bring down “Ruto”. NO, NO, NO. Uhuru could choose to send you (Lee Makwiny) or me to represent him in Malawi, would that mean fighting “Ruto”.
    I wish you well and hope you are not a Tanga tanga activist in waiting. Kenya is for all of us


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