Kiss 100 radio presenter Phelix Odiwour has come out clean to clear his name after being linked to a viral screenshot. The screenshot that has since been shared widely by blogs, captured an alleged Othuol communicating to a friend, who was now claimed to be Jalango, seeking for help. In the conversation, Othuol asks for a sum of 15000 to foot his medical expenses. The recipient of the message appears to have not seen the text in time, only replying after the sender had died. It has however not been established of the said text was from the departed comedian or if the recipient was truly Jalango.

In his defence, the former Milele FM presenter narrated how he enjoyed a good relationship with Othuol Othuol. He distanced himself from the screenshot as he narrated how he helped Othuol in his last days.

Here is Jalango’s long post;

“So a blogger somewhere woke up and decided that the othuol screen shot asking for 15k is me…You see nowadays am so used to being associated with anything…I woke up and I saw this blog saying ” HOW JALANGO DINIED OTHUOL 15K ” Woow…do you know how you sit somewhere and wonder what you ever did to people..But am used to it now and it doesn’t bother me anymore…They always look for how to bring you down…In our group comedian Kenya SandraDacha has been collecting money from the time othuol was admitted the first time…we have had more than 3 fund raisers that has been sorting his bills…We have been there to the last minute…But if you decide to associate me with the screen shot who am I to change your thoughts? Not me…Go ahead and associate me…Then come and ask us to add you in the burial plans which happens next Saturday…My life with Othuol would never change

  1. First person to put him on stage…Luo plays
  2. First person to give him his first TV show…Sirkal Ya Bibi ..K24
  3. First person to put him on a stand up comedy..Kenya Kona
  4. First person to give him first TV advert…Safari batter

And to thank me he decided to have a green suit like mine…Ill tell you that story he got his green suit..Othuol’s death is soo sad….It hurts to the core…we did what we could….. You might not understand for now!”


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