Popular journalist Tony Gachoka has revealed the fate of Deputy president William Ruto post the much hyped BBI Referendum.

The former Point Blank host was replying to a question by blogger Abraham Mutai about the recent absence of the second in command from state activities.

The controversial journalist authoritatively opined that the Tangatanga head is no longer part of Uhuru’s goverment. His claims come after the recent Jubilee purge that saw Ruto’s supporters kicked out from plum parliamentary positions.

It is alleged that the President is aligning a new cabinet and will kick the storm on all ministers allied to his troubled deputy.

Gachoka states that the system will ensure that Ruto is cornered and finished after a successful referendum. He further alleged that the ‘Billionaire Hustler’ , a name he claims Ruto has earned overtime, will be forced to sit back and watch the new political unfoldings away from the margins of power.

The proposed constitutional reforms have faced sharp criticism from political leaders allied to William Ruto. The faction claims that BBI is specially tailored to frustrate Ruto’s 2022 candidature and to hand the presidency to his nemesis Raila Amollo Odinga.


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