IT is a no-brainer. This year should not be a year of politics under any circumstances.

Anyone who loves Kenya and its people will agree with me that Priority One today and for the rest of 2020 is our national health and the war on covid.
Without good health there can be no nation and no politics.

Now let me address the following:


Papa Shirandula’s death is proof of failure that home care for those with light symptoms of Covid works as a policy.

When his condition deteriorated, Karen hospital could not give him a bed.
Robert Kariuki has barely survived from covid but has a harrowing tale of how the insurance company would not pay in full despite comprehensive premium and how he was taken all over Nairobi in vain search for a vacant hospital till the last moment.

Lesson: We have run out of hospital beds and there’s no money to buy new ones.

We have been reading of State House and ministries locked down due to positive cases and of hospital staff in isolation after catching the virus etc.
And still some keep on talking about a must-have referendum and a dinosaur who never won an election in his life is busy with noisy weekend meetings for an elusive unity of Luhyas.


Dont play favorites with our health at stake. You have called back Eugene Wamalwa. Now call back the dinosaur too and tell him to stick to Solidarity House and Cotu.
DP should stick to Karen residence.
Tell PK to hold his horses. I dont see him going anywhere anyway, so what’s his hurry for?

Forget referendum this year.
Dont love yourself too much and Kenyans too little. Their health is more important than yours.
So pliz order your ODM troops to postpone the referendum push this year.
Please don’t tell us it is an unstoppable reggae.
You have yourself to blame all the time.
Who told you to go to bed with Moi and Kanu government before your demands were met?

Who told you October 14 2002 to tell the Uhuru Park “Kibaki Tosha” and then he failed to make you prime minister after he got elected?
Who told you to accept a half bread minus tea with the Grand Coalition of 2008?
Who told you to boycott the October 26 2017 repeat election?
Who told you after the March 9 2018 handshake to forget your basic demands and accept to be pampered with the ilusions of power?

And 1962 why did you father refuse to lead Kanu and insisted on the release of Jomo Kenyatta to lead Kanu only to be locked up in 1969 ?
All these were opportunities which you and yor father refused to grab.
It is like as though God is the One who makes you not see your opportunities.

And I am not surprised because you clearly dont see what God has done for you.

Just this month you returned from Dubai where you underwent surgery and on your arrival you only thanked your supporters for your quick recovery not God.

So please forget the referendum this year so we can concentrate on our health. And you return to your God and make peace with him. It is never too late.



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