Abenny Jachiga
Abenny Jachiga and Girlfriend Jessie Nya Butula

A woman, identified as Jessie Akoth Opio, has come out publicly showing documents that the late ohangla musician Abeny Jachinga left all his property in her posession. The lady went a notch higher by providing documentation of the said property. She displayed all the documents and businesses that they were managing with the late musician leaving friends and family in shock.

Abeny’s wife who was at Chiga was seen in a desperate and helpless state with an unfinished house. The side chick, Jessie Akoth, claimed that the late Abeny had bought her a car and he had registered it on her name.

Car registration certificate bearing the name of Jessie Akoth

Jessie released the car registration certificate that clearly had her name. She remain incessant that she helped the departed climb the stardom ladder.

The late Abeny Jachinga and Jessie Akoth had wine and spirits store among other posessions. The lady tactically shared pictures of the businesses that they built together as a couple.

Businesses allegedly owned by the couple

The lady confirmed that she had been engaged to the late Abeny for a very long time despite having a wife back at home. The lady confirmed they had many plans together including marriage.


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